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How to Use the Course

To start the course


            If you are using the course completely independently and you have to install it

            for yourself, consult the section "Installation Procedure" in this manual.


            Normally, the course will have been installed for you, and all you will have to

            do is start it up.


                        First turn on your computer.


                        Make sure you know which drive the course is installed on.  (The course

                        administrator or whoever is in charge of the installation should be able

                        to tell you. It is normally installed on the C: drive or on your LAN.)


                        Run windows, open the appropriate CBT group and then select the



All you have to do now is follow the instructions on screen.


If the Student Registration system is in place

            Type your user-number. This will be supplied by whoever is administering the

            course. You may also be asked to type a password. This will be supplied by your

            course administrator.


If  the Student Registration system is not in place

            Type 0 when you are asked for your user-number.

            This will take you straight to the main menu screen.


If the Self Registration system is in place

            If you have not been allocated a user-number, type self.

            You will then be prompted to enter your name and whatever number you choose.

            Your user-number will then be created for you, and any time you re-enter the

            course, you should enter this user-number.

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