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Main menu/course map

When you first enter the course, you will be presented with the course map,

            which also functions as the course menu, with course units listed.


            To see the topics menu for any unit, click that unit. To see the topics menu for

            another unit, there is no need to close the current topics menu: simply click the

            relevant unit in the list of course units to replace the current topics list with the

            required topics list.


            Double-click any topic to enter the unit at the start of that topic.


            Double-click any screen number to enter the unit at the start of that

            particular screen.



Option button                       Keypress        Action


Bookmark                              Alt + b                        Takes you back to the start of the

                                                                       screen you were in when you last left

                                                                       the course (only active if you have

                                                                       been into the course before)


Test                                        Alt + t             Takes you to the test menu


Progress                                  Alt + p                        Shows parts of the course accessed and

                                                                       your test score (if applicable)


Glossary                                 Alt + g                        Takes you to the course glossary


OK                                         Alt + o                        Takes you into the course at the topic or

                                                                       screen selected


Close                                      Alt + l             Takes you back to the point in the course

                                                                       where you chose the Navigate option (only

                                                                       active if you have entered the course map

                                                                       from the Navigate option in the course)


Exit course                             Alt + x                        Takes you out of the course

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